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The Ute Bison Meat Company was founded in 2015, as a division of Ute Tribal Enterprises, LLC to help reduce the Ute Indian Tribe’s overpopulated bison herd using the process that is culturally respectful and honors the significance of the American Bison heritage.

We produce nothing but the finest, healthiest meat products to feed your family and our own. Our bison are treated humanely in a stress-free environment creating a smooth, delicious flavor reflecting the nourishing grasses of the Uintah and Ouray Reservation.

If you are interested in purchasing and becoming one of our valued customers, please contact us at Ute Tribal Enterprises, LLC (435) 722-3136 ext. 7054 or email us at
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Ute Tribal Enterprises
LLC – Ute Bison Planning Committee

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Humanely Raised



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Hormone Free Meat With No Fillers

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April 4, 2022

Top 5 Traditional Uses for Bison Hides and Robes

Bison have always been honored in Native American culture because everything about the bison was able to be utilized. In particular, the bison hide was highly valued and used in many different ways. Taking a look at the traditional uses for bison hides and robes can offer insight into how hides can also be utilized in modern […]
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March 15, 2022

The Health Benefits of Naturally Raised Bison Meats

The American Bison has been a long standing culturally observed animal that has been a life saving resource in the past and is still today. Bison are the largest native species in North America. Bison meat, also known as "the original red meat," is a high-protein food that also contains a variety of nutrients. Bison […]
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Ute Bison Meat Products can also be purchased on location at our Ute Plaza Supermarket. You can also enjoy a fresh Bison Meal at the Bison Cafe while there.

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