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Thank you for your interest in our Ute Bison Meat Products – Fresh, Healthy, and Traditional

Ute Tribal Enterprises, LLC, is dedicated to creating fresh, healthy, and traditional branded food products.

Wholesale and retail prices for our bison products will be e-mailed to you if you fill out the online form.

Contact us at any time, and we will be able to restock your display units.

Upon signing our sales agreement, we will provide your store with a display rack (either standing or counter top),

marketing materials, display rack topper, and stickers. In addition, we will cross-promote your stores within our digital marketing platforms.

We are very proud of our team-building culture, and we are excited that you will be able to experience this first hand, by introducing our Ute Bison Products to your customers.

Please call for more information: Dawna (801) 599-6701

If you are interested in wholesaling our products, please submit your information below:

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    Ute Bison Meat Products can also be purchased on location at our Ute Plaza Supermarket. You can also enjoy a fresh Bison Meal at the Bison Cafe while there.